If the thought of having a big wedding, standing in-front of everyone or dealing with family politics is all a bit much for you then you should 100% consider eloping.  I have married countless couples who have chosen to elope and not one of them has a single regret.  It is completely intimate and all about you!  The really great thing is that in New Zealand there are hardly any rules either, so you can pretty much get married anywhere doing anything - how cool is that?  

If you live overseas our marriages office is amazing to deal with as well, which is such a bonus as I know in some countries it is super difficult to get married.  If you get married in New Zealand you can rest easy knowing that between the marriages office and myself we can work with you to ensure that your marriage is 100% legal back in your home country - easy peasy! 


If you want to find out more about eloping check out Adventure Weddings NZ.  This is a boutique elopement planning company that my husband and I started in 2019 when we saw a gap in the market for adventure based elopements.  Think helicopters, skiing, hiking and mountain biking...Basically Adventure Weddings NZ is all about creating custom elopements around whatever it is that you love.


We help couples with everything from idea generation and developing personalised wedding adventure itineraries to location scouting, booking the helicopters/transport, sorting out a photographer and everything else in between.  Legal paperwork, witnesses, cakes, flowers, dinner reservations - you name it we do it.